AMERICA – “My Country Was . . . .”

This blog is intended to be informational, and not a forum for debate.  As such, comments are seldom posted.  However, the following comment expresses the heart of many Christians living in “today’s” United States of America. “What a great explanation of convergence…like baking a cake. Of course, I related to this analogy! I know it … More AMERICA – “My Country Was . . . .”


A look at these last days –Convergence: confluence, or junction; a point in space or time where related or seemingly unrelated structures or events merge.  The point where this merger rises to a crescendo. Convergence is similar to baking.  Seemingly unrelated ingredients are blended together in predetermined amounts.  Then they are subjected to an increase … More CONVERGENCE – The LAST HOURS of the LAST DAYS!

God’s Love is an Open Door Until the Very End – Revelation 15 – 16

Reward and punishment are the themes of these two chapters. Reward for those who love God and judgment upon the unrighteous. Throughout scripture the Holy Spirit Lovingly, continually calls out in many different ways a warning, saying such things as, “To day if ye will hear his voice, Harden not your heart . . .”  … More God’s Love is an Open Door Until the Very End – Revelation 15 – 16

Trust the Lord!

Coming to Christ is neither frightening nor difficult.  The fact is, we have a loving God who wants to embrace and comfort you and share with you all the blessings He has promised to those who love Him through Jesus Christ. “If you are not [yet] saved by grace through faith in Christ and His … More Trust the Lord!

Are You Saved?

Salvation is NOT of works.  It is Not Baptism.  Not Being Born Again.  Not Loving the Lord.  Not Following Jesus.  Not Repenting and stop sinning.  Not A personal relationship with Christ.  Not Accepting Jesus into your heart.  All these things are a result of Salvation, not the cause of it.  These are all WORKS of … More Are You Saved?

Attitude is Everything: Be Positive – Be Awesome!

Be AWESONE!Despite the stress each day holds in store for each of us, stay positive. Being awesome comes from without ourselves. It is a gift of God’s Holy Spirit which indwells each believer in Christ.  In Galatians 5:22-23 Paul lists nine of these gifts. I like to think of them as if they are fruit … More Attitude is Everything: Be Positive – Be Awesome!

Validity of the Bible

Confused when someone challenges your belief in the Holy Scriptures? Don’t be intimidated because our Churches have failed in teaching us what we should know about the origin of Scripture. Simply turn to the skeptic and explain to them that — The Bible is a reliable collection of historical documents.. It was written on three … More Validity of the Bible

Grace Alone

It is true that men have always been saved by the Grace of God, but it is untrue that anyone, from Adam till Saul of Tarsus, had ever been saved by “Grace alone.” Until Paul, mankind was always required to perform a work of faith for atonement of their sins. Noah was required to build … More Grace Alone