Forty-Two Months

The reign of antichrist and his demise! In the Bible we find references to a single unit of time referred to as:– “forty and two months”– “a thousand two hundred threescore days”– “Time, and times, and half a time.”There are six of these three and one-half years references each to the same period of time…the … More Forty-Two Months

Is Intelligent Design an Oxymoron?

Have you caught on that evolutionists give themselves away when they use the word, “Design?” They resist saying “Intelligent Design,” however, isn’t it a contradiction in logic to employ the word “DESIGN” and then deny the “INTELLIGENCE” behind it? Aren’t the two intrinsically joined, inseparable? The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines design as:intransitive verb, 1) to conceive … More Is Intelligent Design an Oxymoron?

Defending Your Faith – You can prove the Bible is True

Simply and accurately:“The Bible is a reliable collection of 66 historic documents written in 3 languages by 40 eyewitnesses from different economic classes on 3 continents during the lifetime of other eyewitnesses over the course of more than 1500 years. They report supernatural events that took place in fulfillment of specific prophecies and claim that … More Defending Your Faith – You can prove the Bible is True