Question for Evolutionists

Do you own a laptop?

Let’s forget about all those silly “tornado in a junkyard” analogies and instead, consider something much more analogous to creation and the origin of life – your Laptop computer. Let’s suppose you’ve just ordered your new laptop, that mind-blowing, awesome “Dream Machine” you’ve been longing for. 

Now, honestly, would you expect that by time and random chance this Dream Machine could simply pop into existence – from nowhere and out of nothing and onto your desk? But let’s take it a few steps further. You have order the machine and the magic day has finally arrived. There’s that long-anticipated knock at the door. Your heart leaps with grand expectations. At last, it’s here. Your “Dream Baby!” The hottest, most advanced laptop ever conceived…and it’s all yours.

Excitedly, filled with anticipation you extract it from its packaging. Impatiently placing it on your desk, you press the power button. Nothing happens. Your heart begins to sink. Then you quickly realize, and it’s a huge realization, it’s completely powerless.  It arrived without the battery installed or the power supply connected.  You have the finest machine ever designed just sitting there on your desk looking cool but capable of absolutely nothing. It’s completely dead. You rapidly locate and unpack the battery, snap it into place, connect the power supply, and once again press the power-up button. This time you hear that sweet sound of the cooling system gently whirling to life as the screen begins to glow – it displays the manufacturer’s logo and then just sits there, oh, so quietly. There is yet another detail. This gorgeous machine is still completely useless.  The operating software hasn’t yet been activated. Your “Dream Baby” is just sitting there, whirling, glowing, looking fabulous. But it’s useless until the operating system is initiated and your pet programs are installed.

All done at last – you are off and running! Finally, ready to rock-n-roll.

Now, be honest, in your wildest imagination would you have believed for a moment that this gorgeous “Dream Machine,” this magnificent beauty could have simply popped into existence from nowhere, out of nothing, all on its own? by time and random chance?  Do you not confess that it must have had a designer? In fact, you ordered it to spec.

You realize that there were many brilliant minds behind its design, style, and configuration.  Think of all its intricate, interacting components (motherboards – CPUs – cooling system – processors – in/out devices – et all) each of which is necessary and must be precisely placed and properly connected to function properly – just as you specified in your order. Besides all the processing and crunching this baby can do, it also needs to connect to the outside world by means of inputs and outputs. Consider all that is entailed in designing and manufacturing the case, the circuitry, boards, screen, cameras, microphones, speakers, solid-state memories, and processors. Then consider, without the power supply it would still be completely and totally lifeless. And even when powered up, it requires programming, and an information processing system to function at all – rather complicated and complex, isn’t it? And we haven’t even considered all the intricate details of manufacture such a wonder. But it is nowhere as complicated and complex as are you.

Do you see the analogy with Creation and Evolution?
Your computer, power supply, and operating system could no more just “happen” by time and random chance than could life itself. Even after all that goes into its design and creation, and yours as well, it still requires a “life-giving force,” as do you.  

Your “Dream Machine” actually had many designers, planners, stylists, code-writers. etc. It was intricately designed and crafted! Then created! Then powered up! And then, and only then, programmed. This is what we called “intelligent design,” and design by its very nature requires a designer – a mind, an intelligence behind it.

Adam (our first parent) was designed, created, programmed, and then powered up by God just like your computer was designed, manufactured, programmed, and powered up by its creators. God breathed life into Adam just as you installed the power supply into your laptop.  Adam needed an operating system installed so that all his components from the tiniest complex cell to his magnificent mind could properly interface, just like your computer does.  God created Adam with body, soul, and mind, just as your computer has its physical component, life-giving battery, and an operating system.

The analogy is crystal clear. Isn’t it?

My question is, in your heart of hearts, just between us, do you honestly believe in evolution? Really?

Exploring Scripture~because it matters it really does!

Science now understands that time is relative. The passage of time is dependent on many factors including gravity and velocity. Time actually passes faster at the equator, and on top of Everest, than it does at the poles. Time in different parts of the Universe passes at different rates. We, mortals, are bound by time. Yet, Scripture tells us in Ecclesiastes 3:11 that God has “set eternity in [our] hearts.” We are the only creatures on Earth that contemplate thoughts of time and eternity and who wonder about the marvels of creation. God exists outside of time, in eternity. God is the “First Cause,” the “Prime Mover,” of everything that exists.
He is Incomprehensibly AWESOME!

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