Jesus is the Reason (Duh)


Admittedly, it does sound trite but the inescapable fact is that:
“Jesus is the reason for the season.”

In rejecting Christ, what could people all over the earth be thinking?
What are they really denying?
Honestly, with open eyes simply ask, “What are we celebrating?”

Undeniably, Christmas is the “worldwide” celebration of the birth of our
Lord and Savior.  He is the “Righteous one,” the only Righteous
one, born of man.

Where do people think the idea of Santa Clause comes from?
That good ole Saint Nick!  See the connection?

The name of the holiday itself, “Christmas,” gives it away.
It is His name, Christ, in which we are rejoicing!

This is His holiday, His birthday that we observe and celebrate.
This is the season each year when all humanity takes a festive break and sing
for Joy.  The Joy of knowing we have a Savior (the eternal man/God) who
Sacrificed His perfect human life at the cross to redeem all who accept
and save them from the eternal fires of hell.

No mere mortal could have paid the price God has exacted for our transgressions.

This is the season to turn to Him in thanksgiving, to change our earthly walk,
grab His hand and be comforted knowing our eternal destiny is secure in the
eternal life of that babe laying in a manger.

Lets “Celebrate.”

READ THE BOOK! It will change your life.
Many sceptics and devout atheists have come to God after reading the Book!

Exploring Scripture~because it matters-it really does!

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