A Post Worth Repeating


A daily dose of God’s touch in a minute…

No more drizzle. Only Abundance.

The other day I was  at a place, waiting.

Heavy rain and cool breeze through the window

Public offices in this city are full of greenery. They are spacious. Airy.

Some are old palaces, ancient, royal, impressive structures. They are beautiful.

Whenever I visit these places, I enjoy the simplicity as well as the grandeur of the old-fashioned ambience.

There I was trying to beat a summer day so hot and humid despite the greenery.

The large garden overlooking the sprawling property, the tall trees, the bushes, the green plants, the multi coloured flowers, none of it seemed to help the harsh humidity.

Then, suddenly a dark cloud covered the sun.

Cool wind began to blow, and the trees started to sway gently. The scathing heat wasn’t as hot as it was a few minutes before.

‘Looks like rain’ I said to myself excitedly.

Excited little squirrels began to run up and around the trees. Birds began to flutter.

Overall, a lovely sight.

What was even lovelier was the thought that it was going to rain because rain in this dry, hot, peak of summer was going to be a luxury.

‘Lord, I’d love it if it rains.’ I whispered to the Lord.

Nothing spectacular happened.

Just a slight drizzle that started and stopped abruptly and that’s it, no rain.

In a moment, the weather was back to Hot. Humid. Disappointing!

It seemed like God was silent.

“Time to accept reality, it’s summer and summer is hot”, I said to myself with a sigh.

Got me thinking.

Does it make sense to accept facts after you have prayed for a change?

Isn’t the Lord faithful to answer prayers?

Two days later, during my Bible study, I was reading Isaiah chapter 44 and these lines caught my attention:

For I will pour water on the thirsty land,
    and streams on the dry ground;
I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring,
    and my blessing on your descendants.
They will spring up like grass in a meadow,
    like poplar trees by flowing streams.

The same night, there was a sudden thunderstorm for nearly an hour.

There was lightning and there was thunder and there was heavy rain.

It was absolutely lovely!

Little droplets of rain lashed in through the window, refreshing, cold wind blew in consistent bursts.

Delightful weather overpowered the harsh humidity.

With such a downpour, the prolonged dryness didn’t stand a chance,

With such a  downpour, the affliction of the heat disappeared.

Pleasant, cool atmosphere replaced the sultry weather.

It was absolutely lovely! 

As promised in the scripture I had read a few hours before, the Lord had watered the  thirsty land.

Isn’t it amazing how we find God in the midst of  a challenge?

It is a problem that often draws us to seek God more intently.

Hope comes wrapped in a challenge, when we involve the Lord.

His Word is true. No matter what the facts show.

His promises are true. And the more you depend on His promises, the more He shows His faithfulness.

The outpouring of rains quenches the dryness of the land.

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit quenches the dryness of our life.

Today, no matter what area of your life has been experiencing dryness, the Lord is promising a nourishment for every dry area of your life.

The Lord is Faithful!

No more drizzle. Only Abundance.

Have a refreshing week!


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