What’s In A Name?

Have you ever heard the expression, “What’s in a name”?In our society, names are often chosen for their cadence, rhyme, or because they have some sentimental connection.  However, in the Middle East, in ancient times…and sometimes even today…names were given as a badge, creeds, or attributes. One such name that has been almost universally misread … More What’s In A Name?

Gospel of the Grace of God (Christ) Vs the Kingdom Gospel

It is always in the CONTEXT! If Bible students would honestly and thoroughly consider the context of any passage without personal or denominational prejudice, most of the confusion and disagreement over Biblical text would evaporate. Unfortunately, we are all prejudiced by our training and assumptions and thus read in or out truth that is or … More Gospel of the Grace of God (Christ) Vs the Kingdom Gospel

Ask yourself, WHY!

Have you thought about the Why? Why so much gun violence? More accurately, why so much violence? Entering Wal-Mart yesterday, the greeter said to me, “I have to stand here worrying if some crazy will be walking through the door shooting.” Government officials and the media blame the violence on guns.  But there must be … More Ask yourself, WHY!