Ask yourself, WHY!


Have you thought about the Why? Why so much gun violence? More accurately, why so much violence? Entering Wal-Mart yesterday, the greeter said to me, “I have to stand here worrying if some crazy will be walking through the door shooting.” Government officials and the media blame the violence on guns.  But there must be a deeper cause – people murder others by driving vehicles into crowds, with knives, clubs, homemade explosive devices and any means at their disposal.  Why?

The stats on school shootings go back to the 1840’s.  Most all of them were one on one disputes, not mass shootings.  It isn’t till the late 1900 that the insanity exploded.  In 1998, 5 were killed and 10 wounded at Craighead Arkansas.  The next year, 1999, was the one we all remember, Columbine, where 15 innocents were killed and 21 more were wounded.

There are many other incidents on record including Red Lake Arkansas, 2005, and others.  On University campuses the most memorable are the 1966 University of Texas at Austin shooting, where 18 were killed and 31 wounded.  At Virginia Tech in 2007 there were 33 killed, 23 wounded.

Each and every one of these killings going back to the 1840, have something in common with all the other killings on and off campus, and with an assorted weaponry.  The link is an absence of a moral foundation – no love, compassion, or respect in the perpetrator’s heart toward others.

Admit it or not, ever since the 1962 court decision to ban prayer in public schools, violence…particularly among the young…has dramatically increased year by year.  Some manipulate the statistics, but the trend is obvious.  As you glean through the statistics (school shootings) it reveals is a stark absence of non-public schools.  There isn’t one incident of shootings in a parochial school.

Doug Manning, American citizen: · Author has 2.8K answers and 12.4M answer views: “I thought this was an interesting question, so I perused the Wikipedia page for school shootings in the U.S., a rather massive list because it includes every shooting that produced at least one casualty — even accidental shootings.

I checked back as far as the 1920s and found no shootings at any Catholic grammar schools or high schools, and only one at a Catholic college — Gonzaga University in 1971, when a 21-year-old man shot and wounded four people on campus before he was killed by police.

In the 350 shootings that have taken place on school grounds since the Gonzaga incident, none appear to have been at a Catholic school.”

Likewise, looking through the list of shootings you find no mention of any religious or non-government operated grammar or high school.

The answer to the question should be obvious.

Exploring Scripture~because it matters-it really does!

End Note:
No God; no moral compas; no love; no compassion; no respect for others.
Without God, there is no point to life; everything then becomes about self – it is all about “me.”
Menendez brothers – (I was going to provide a list of tragedies to illustrate the futility of life without God, and the list is long. The task quickly became overwhelmingly depressing. The one example of the Menendez is plenty enough to illustrate the point).

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