Understanding Scripture – 1 of 2

Indwelling of the Holy Spirit – Here is a discouraging fact pulled from a recent article in Leaders and Pastors – :Based on interviews with 601 Senior Pastors nationwide, representing a random cross-section of Protestant churches, Barna reports that only half of the country’s Protestant pastors – 51% – have a biblical worldview. Defining such … More Understanding Scripture – 1 of 2

Grafted into What? Romans 11:17-24

Because of our religious and secular preconditioning, chapter 11 of Romans is one of the most difficult and misunderstood chapters in the New Testament. Paul utilizes symbolic language to emphasize the point he is making which is the eventual restoration of the nation of Israel. Unfortunately, most people today…including theologians, expositors, and pastors…do not have … More Grafted into What? Romans 11:17-24