What’s In A Name?

Have you ever heard the expression, “What’s in a name”?In our society, names are often chosen for their cadence, rhyme, or because they have some sentimental connection.  However, in the Middle East, in ancient times…and sometimes even today…names were given as a badge, creeds, or attributes. One such name that has been almost universally misread … More What’s In A Name?

Validity of the Bible

Confused when someone challenges your belief in the Holy Scriptures? Don’t be intimidated because our Churches have failed in teaching us what we should know about the origin of Scripture. Simply turn to the skeptic and explain to them that — The Bible is a reliable collection of historical documents.. It was written on three … More Validity of the Bible

Can You Trust the Bible?

The Bible is a reliable collection of historical documents written on three continents (Asia, Africa, Europe), in three different languages (Hebrew, Greek, and some Aramaic), by forty authors from different walks of life and living at different times – People who were kings and Generals, shepherds, fishermen, tax collectors, a doctor and historians.  They give … More Can You Trust the Bible?

Understanding Scripture – 1 of 2

Indwelling of the Holy Spirit – Here is a discouraging fact pulled from a recent article in Leaders and Pastors – :Based on interviews with 601 Senior Pastors nationwide, representing a random cross-section of Protestant churches, Barna reports that only half of the country’s Protestant pastors – 51% – have a biblical worldview. Defining such … More Understanding Scripture – 1 of 2