Suppose there is a God

Let’s suppose for a moment that there is a God (and there is). A Supreme Being Who wrote a book (which He did).  And suppose we know about this book, the Bible (and we do).  Wouldn’t we be doing ourselves an injustice if we neglected to at least take a peek between its covers?  Shouldn’t we be the least bit curious to know what such a God wants to share with us?

     Are you aware that His book is actually a “Love Story?” A love story between our Creator and His creation. A love story about those with whom He desires to have an intimate relationship.

     In the 17th chapter of John’s Gospel Jesus says, “[God’s] Word is Truth.” If that is so, doesn’t it light a fire in us to explore that truth? Imagine what a difference it could make in our lives to know the thoughts of the living God and to come to intimate knowledge of Him.

     “And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.” 1 John 4:16 (KJV)

     We don’t have to take what we discover on blind faith. Contrary to prevailing opinion, the Bible is provably the Word of God. And if it is God’s Word, then there must absolutely be a Supreme Being, a Pre-eminent Sovereign, a Creator!  Examining His creation reveals the Creator and His amazing power.  Examining His writings reveals His heart, His spirit, and His love, drawing us into intimate fellowship with Him and with each other.

     While “Exploring Scripture” we find answers to all kinds of questions including such contemporary issues from climate change and social violence to the origin of life itself. We discover purpose and meaning, of yesterdays and tomorrows, and find our way from “Creation to Eternity.” His book even explains why we have disease and suffering, catastrophes and natural disasters.

By “Exploring Scripture” we learn about God’s heart. We find comfort in the reassurance that someone, big and powerful, is looking after us, watching over us. Someone who cares.

If you haven’t read His book, if for no other reason than curiosity, consider taking a peeking into the New Testament.  Open the Gospel of John and discover for yourself the greatest “Love story” imaginable.  Discover for yourself the incomprehensible love God has for you.

Jesus is even preparing a place for you in God’s eternal Kingdom (John 14).

The Bible—composed of 66 individual books penned by 40 different authors over more than 1500 years. PROVABLY inspired by God’s Holy Spirit.  It comes to us from outside of time, as the contents undeniably prove.  It is historically, scientifically, and prophetically one-hundred percent accurate.  It presents evidence for God and creation and shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that He is a personal God who cares intimately for you with an unimaginable eternal love.

If you don’t believe in God, be patient, “you will,” and maybe sooner than you think.  It’s to our benefit to read this inspiring book. Try it. Give it a chance. It can and will change your life.

Here is a promise. Should you have doubts, ask, “God, if you truly exist, come into my life and reveal Yourself to me.”  He absolutely Will!

Exploring Scripture ~ because it matters—it truly does!