Understanding Scripture – 1 of 2

Indwelling of the Holy Spirit – Here is a discouraging fact pulled from a recent article in Leaders and Pastors – :Based on interviews with 601 Senior Pastors nationwide, representing a random cross-section of Protestant churches, Barna reports that only half of the country’s Protestant pastors – 51% – have a biblical worldview. Defining such … More Understanding Scripture – 1 of 2

Understanding Scripture – 2 0f 2

PARADIGM-SHIFTING – OUR CONFLICTING WESTERN MINDSET:  What in the world is paradigm-shifting?  Have you ever noticed that wherever you are on the globe, the local World-map shows them at the center of the world?  Likewise, we in the west are naturally western-centric – viewing the world with ourselves at the center and everything revolving around … More Understanding Scripture – 2 0f 2

Being a Berean

As we begin our verse-by-verse study of the “Olivet Discourse,” One tool we can use to receive the understanding Almighty God wants us to have is to be like the Bereans, “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, … More Being a Berean

Defending Your Faith – You can prove the Bible is True

Simply and accurately:“The Bible is a reliable collection of 66 historic documents written in 3 languages by 40 eyewitnesses from different economic classes on 3 continents during the lifetime of other eyewitnesses over the course of more than 1500 years. They report supernatural events that took place in fulfillment of specific prophecies and claim that … More Defending Your Faith – You can prove the Bible is True